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Our Fishing Charters and Scenic Boat rides

Our charters depart from a private marina located at The Breakwater Inn & Spa in beautiful Kennebunkport.



2 Hour Fishing Charter OR Scenic Cruise

The 2 hour fishing charter is geared towards younger children. We leave the port and spend a majority of the trip fishing for Mackerel and Pollock. We will take some time to try and catch a Striper or two.

The Scenic Cruise is a 2 hour tour of the Kennebunk River, Walkers Point and other attractions of the local coast.



3 Hour Fishing Charter

This is not the 3 hour tour we are familiar with from TV. This trip is geared towards families with older children. We leave port and spend some time fishing for the bait we will use for Striper fishing, a majority of the trip will be spent Striper fishing.

4 Hour Fishing Charter

The 4 hour charter is similar to the 3 hour charter but you get an hour more of fishing.

Custom Fishing Charters

Custom charters are available upon request. If 4 hours is not enough or you would like to target a specific species of fish offshore.

When you are preparing yourselves to come aboard you will need to bring the following:

Clothing appropriate for the weather conditions, it can be cold on the water, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Snacks and drinks, there is a cooler aboard that will be full of ice to keep your food and beverages cold. A camera to document your day on the water.


Charter Prices


 We accept Cash, Venmo or Credit Vards processed with Square
Prices are based on 4 people, each additional person is subject to an additional $50 per person charge.
2 Hour Charter


3 Hour Charter


4 Hour Charter


Custom Charters Starting at


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